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L.A. Noire (Quickly)

L.A. Noire (Quickly)

In a word, it’s stupendous. It’s amazing to think that motion-capture technology has come this far. Watching characters faces light up like this or try and lie to you is rather addictive. The polygons surrounding their faces are a bit low in detail, but it’s not horrendous. I applaud Team Bondi for not trying to make this thing extremely life-like because I’m sure it would’ve been incredibly difficult.


Robert Zemeckis continues to try and market no-cap technology to the movie studios. Most of these efforts have fallen flat, or launch with awful results: See The Polar Express, and A Christmas Carol.

Perhaps he should be pitching this tech to game studios. Oh wait, wasn’t he closely tied to Dreamworks who has an interactive division? I wonder what happened there…

Anyway, more info later with a full review. Suffice to say, I think this will capture my attention span for a while.