The Roundup

First off, my grandmother passed away on Saturday morning. She was in her 70’s but had been in hospice for the past…almost two years I guess. Unfortunately I had to fly out to LA to do a gig at Microsoft’s PDC. I’m not sure what else I should be feeling or saying about her. I’ll miss her, but I’m just not sure what to do with it yet.

Anyways, I’m down here on the floor with a Hackintosh. This is how nerdy I am: I actually flew down with an external USB keyboard for my Hackintosh, but I figured out a way to get VNC and Internet Connection Sharing working from my primary laptop so I can at least use a full size keyboard.

My grand plan was to catch up with my Stanford U ObjC/iPhone dev program, but I don’t even know what happened to my day yesterday. I really want to keep up with auditing the class, but I’m sooo far behind… I think its the first time in a long while that is actually something I’m genuinely interested in: I actually wish I know had some disposable income to just pick a school and spend the time learning. I want to keep going with it to figure out if I want to spend $40k+ on an education, but life seems to get in the way.

This wasnt what this post was supposed to be about but whatever…