Buzz… Or Maybe, Howto Not Buzz.

Still not sure what to make of this whole Google Buzz thing.  On the one hand I see its usefulness– instantly linking and gathering your individual social networking services, contacts out of Gmail, add some visibility to your Google Profile are pretty nifty things.  On the opposite end it has a lot of problems, namely– instantly linking and gathering your individual social networking services, contacts out of Gmail, and adding visbility to your Google Profile.

I think the reason that different social networking circles have cropped up is because they each have their own unique audience–Twitter is great as an outlet for this site, GeekApproach.  I can communicate with some personal folks and post some random stuff that drives traffic back here.  Flickr is still somewhat legacy for me, but I enjoyed its simple interface and great respository of images it once supported, even though it seems Picasa has superceded it.  The main reason I don’t have a Facebook account or ( shudder) a MySpace page is that I just don’t want to interact with people I might’ve met.  I’d rather talk with those people in person, or really, want to talk to me enough to seek me out via other means.

I feel like I maintain rather visible avenues of communication: I freely publish my email address, you can instantly call me via Google Voice (in the right sidebar over there), this website is public, my twitter feed is public– I’m even on LinkedIn.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Google is turning a bit into Microsoft, and I’ll explain why.  When you’re at Microsoft and you use the combined Microsoft suite of things, it actually works out really well.  You start to see how all of these individual pieces of hardware and software, the social interaction of doing work…they all work very well together.  It’s crazy, but its true.  When you’re in your own environment and you’re only using a subset it becomes much more difficult to actually use their tools.  Maybe Google is suffering from the same sort of issue–Internally, I’m sure they thought all this integration was fantastic but externally?

At least they’re listening to the masses– I can’t fault them for having a fast turn-around time with changes.