Canon EOS Software

My girlfriend tonight wanted to take photos of a newborn in the next few days and was asking about a remote capture solution. I recalled that Canon had an open spec and since she owns a high-end DSLR, a 20D I figured it would be intact. I found the EOS driving software online but it’s a pain in the ass– it requires you to have the original EOS software installed or to have the original install CD’s at your disposal. Having neither, as this is a new MBP I did a bit of research and found someone who had managed to hack the updater (which is really just the installer in disguise).

It’s really quite simple. Rip the “UpdateInstaller” package out of the mounted installer pack. Right-click, “Explore Package Contents”. Browse through Contents->Resources->SDI-bundle. Explore Package Contents again. Lastly, delete “update.plist”. Voila!

And once we were in it was indeed very simple to remote control the 2OD through the Mac. Why did that have to be so arduous?