Comcast DNS Hijacking

Last year Comcast turned on a rather controversial feature on their High-Speed Internet users known as “DNS Hijacking”. It was designed to be a feature: try and access “” and it’ll instead take you to a Comcast branded search portal and give you some simillar suggestions if the domain does not exist. Sounds great right? WRONG. I use Google Chrome and typing into the AwesomeBar up at the top will automatically search Google (or another provider if you wish) with your relevant query. But because Comcast interprets that query as a search amongst its stupid DNS Helper service first!! Check out this example results window below:

Results Page using Yahoo Search

Results Page using Yahoo Search

Here’s the most irritating thing of all: Last year, I opted out of the stupid thing . There was a handy link on the Accounts page that enabled you to wipe out their stupid service (You can get there too: Now suddenly today I’ve been magically “opted” back in! Upon returning to the same Account Settings page from last year, the link to change DNS Helper settings is now gone.

Below this line sat an option to opt out...

Below this line sat an option to opt out...No longer.

In fact, their own opt-out link in the stupid results page doesn’t work.


Before the nerds pounce on me, yes I could be using OpenDNS or even Google’s DNS to try and straighten this out. However, I VPN into…”a company” a lot for work and “the company” won’t allow a non authoritative-DNS to query from. It sucks. I either have to flip my DNS settings back and forth when I sign in (not fun) or turn this stupid crap off at the source.