Gabe Newell Says He’ll Do A Reddit AMA

Gabe Newell Says He’ll Do A Reddit AMA If Charity Reaches $500k. Source: Kotaku

From the article:

[…]So Newell has agreed to participate in one of Reddit’s greatest services, the frankly-titled Ask Me Anything. Once his charity hits $500,000 in hospital donations—which should be easy, considering this is Gabe Newell and the Internet—he’ll let anyone ask him questions about life, the universe, and Half-Life.[…]

Alright, so I think this is an interesting gamble– the organization (Seattle Children’s Hospital) is fairly well known, and I can’t imagine anyone really having a problem with cardiac research.  The design on the site, The Heart of Racing is an exercise in a nice HTML5 design where you can pledge your money towards this race.  However, there seems to be no way to check the current pledges in process, or have some sort of estimate of how far they are away from their $5 million goal.  WTF?

How can you have a public facing goal (a public ask at that) and not include any sort of metric for how close they are to their goal?  I’m sure there’s some science around giving that shows that seeing how close you are to the finish line causes people to give more, potentially even just to kick them over the finish line themselves.  Generally, doesn’t every ask you see nowadays show you the milestones on the way to 100%? Kickstarter, Kiva, etc?