Sony quits the PC business to focus on mobile

Sony quits the PC business to focus on mobile [Source: The Verge]

I know we keep talking about the demise of the traditional PC, that things are trending towards a powerful mobile device that will be cheap and easy to use.  I don’t think we’re there yet, and while I love my Apple products, I still end up juggling a lot of them.

Sony’s devices had a similar design aesthetic to Apple.  They were truly beautiful machines, designed with intent and purpose.  But while running WinTel it was hard to justify the rather insane price premium vs a completely different OS and environment like the Mac offered at the time.  Throw in that that ridiculous support of the MemoryStick format, and any other proprietary Sony technology and its easy to see why the ship began to sink.

Still sad to see fewer manufacturers out there making the devices we use every day.  I want to see an underdog arise that makes some truly mind-blowing tech.