Celebrity Hacking

Due to a breach in someone’s cloud service authentication photographs of several nude celebrities are making their way around the Internet.  There used to be a time when I could say they were making their way around a “dark corner” of the Internet, but it seems the net of the present (and maybe the future) is for everyone and a lack of privacy for anyone. I think the phrase “celebrity hacking” will continue to be a prevalent headline in the coming years, but I wonder what happens when it starts to affect the little guy.

I can’t tell whether this is a sensationalist headline or not: Everything we know about the the”Celeb Nude” and Trading Ring.  Or this one, at CNN.  I don’t know if anyone is really concentrating on the real story, which is that there was a failure to keep privileged information secret.  I think of the things I store (encrypted and unencrypted) around the web in public and private clouds, and I would be very shocked to have my private data come out.  I don’t have anything nearing what these people had, private photos, etc. but I think would be rocked just the same.  I’m supposed to be part of the body responsible for helping to keep your information safe, to make you trust us as developers when we say “Hey, I’ve got it under control. Your stuff is secure.”  Instead, I see no articles on the ACM or IEEE privacy group pages.  You might say that this breach happened over a holiday weekend, but I’d still expect some type of response from the provider in question.

The whole thing just kinda bums me out.  I’m going to keep working my way through this course on Obj-C and put my energy to good use.