What is GeekApproach?

GeekApproach started out as around 2009 as my personal blog on the Net.  At the time the focus was centered on an imaginary audience that might appreciate a so-called “Geek”  perspective on technology, games and other things I found interesting.  While I posted semi-regularly, it definitely wasn’t often and in 2011 the site went on hiatus when I found myself deeply involved with work.

In wanting to solve a few goals for myself: write more, share more about Computer Science and technology, and give myself some sanity from the hard work I do, I’ve decided to try launching GeekApproach again.  While I can’t promise to post regularly, I do have some ideas I’d like to share and this seems like the best place to do it.

This site doesn’t allow comments by default, which is something I allowed in previous versions.  At some point I may turn them on for specific posts, but the majority of comments were from spam bots anyway.  Remember, this is about less work for me.

I hope you find the writing and thoughts enjoyable. If you do, feel free to contact me via various methods listed on my Bio page.


Robert Entenman